Sankhyasangraha (Sankhya)

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Publisher : Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office

A collection of the following works of Sankhya Philosophy : 1. Sankhyatattvavivechana by Simananda (Ksemendra), 2. Tattvayatharthyadipana by Bhava-Ganesa, 3. Sarvopakarini, a commentary on Samasa-Sutras, 4. Sankhya Sutravivarana, commentary on Kapila-Sutras, 5. Tattvasamasa, a com. on Samasa Sutras, 6. Sankhyatattvapradipika, 7. Sankhyatattvapradipa by Kaviraja Yati, a pupil of Yati Srivaikuntha, 8. Tattvamimamsa by Krsna Mitra and 9. Sankhyaparibhhasa. Second Revised edition. Comp.

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